Ham Rong Mountain (Dragon Jaw Mountain)

Located 11km from the South of Pleiku, the Mountain is regarded as the provincial Geological Heritage. Ham Rong Mountain (also called Chu Ho Dong Mountain or Hon Rong Mountain) is a famous volcano in the Western Highlands and considered Pleiku’s roof with the height of above 1000m. It used to be an American military base during the war and is now a fertile land to grow fruits of the earth and pine trees. You can see Ham Rong with different shapes from afar, sometimes it looks like a trapezium, sometimes like a half-circle and sometimes like a two-separated-part mountain with a hollow between them for the lava flow, this helps fertilize the nearby bazan soil. Seen from above, Ham Rong exactly looks like a giant funnel. It is amazingly strange when the local people are still surprised knowing that the place they are living is the vestige of a million-year-old erupted volcano.


It is definitely a great chance for tourists coming here as they can enjoy not only gigantic Ham Rong Moutain but also the valley down the foot-hill- the living place of the plain country people. Every year when the wild sunflowers and coffee flowers are in full bloom, Ham Rong turns to an intensely colorful picture, which can infatuate anyone coming around.