Hoang Van Ecotourism

Hoang Van is 10km South from Pleiku, in Ia Tiem Commune, Chu Se District of Gia Lai province. Ithas an area of about 26ha covered with rubber trees, coffee trees mixed with ancient trees. Hoang Van has been carrying out many tourism activities to meet the visitors’ demand for relaxing and getting together on the weekends and holidays, such as fishing, having optional special dishes from fish, hanging around by cruise ships or tandem bikes, experiencing a‘farmer for a day’ program (catching fish, planting vegetables) and the seasonal fruit garden (litchi/lychees), guavas, jackfruits, papayas, avocados, wild strawberries, mangoes), there is even a kid’s amusement park. Hoang Van is now a favorite destination of people from Pleiku and nearby area as its service is full of traditional culture and folk.

When coming to Hong Van Ecotourism, not only can the tourists wallow in beautiful sceneries, experience fruit gardens but also camp, enjoy barbecue and stay at this place. With various potential for tourism, Hoang Van becomes an attractive destination for tourists from Gia Lai and other provinces.