Kon Ja Rang Nature Reserve

Kon Ja Rang Natural Reserve islocated in Son Lang Commune of KBang District and covers the area of about 15,900 ha. Due to the ecosystem’s transition between the West and East of Truong Son range, Kon Ja Rang has a variety of vegetation. There are also many spectacular and attractive waterfalls in the Reserve, one of them is The 50 Waterfall in the upper Mekong basin.

Being favored by the nature with various tropical resources as well as beautiful landscapes of water, Kon Ja Rang is ensured a highly facilitative environment to organize such tourism activities like trekking and ecotourism for adventurous visitors. The starting point is the Billet of Forest management, tourists will see 2 tracks after driving 6km from this point, one leads to a magnificent 3-level waterfall after a 15-minute-walk, another leads to a 3-hectare cow farm where the trekking tour begins.

Kon Ja Rang is a great place for local and foreign tourists to travel on vacation, to relax, and to study about science and environmental education.