Soc Dua Pork (Pigs that have cucumber-like stripes)

Soc Dua pigs are descended from wild pigs and are tamed and bred freely at home of Bahnar and Jrai ethnic people. For that reason, Soc Dua Pork is as delicious as the wild one and far different from the pork we often have in daily meals.


A good Soc Dua Pig a has regular size of long and thin legs, a long mouth, and athin neck. A 6-7kg one can be served for 10 people with 7 dishes: pork cooked with ferment, pork deep-fried with fish sauce, accompanied by steamed rolls made of rice-flour, steamed pork side, bitter pork’s bowels and Bun (coil of rice vermicelli). Soc Dua pork has become a specialty which greatly attracts customers in many restaurants.